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Special Events

Join us for monthly events where we answer tough questions about God, life, and the Bible. Popular topics include:

  • College Advice (from current college students)

  • How to thrive as a christian in college

  • Relativism

  • Does God Exist?

  • Science & Faith

  • Is there Evidence for the Resurrection?

  • If God is Good, Why is there Suffering?

  • If God, Why Evil?

  • Reliability of the Bible

Upcoming Events



Equipping and Training

AYM supports Christian clubs and youth groups through apologetics and evangelism training. Invite us to come speak during lunch or after school, or get equipped to give a special talk to your group yourself!

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Fellowship and Fun

Join our local hangouts to connect & chill with like-minded friends and AYM mentors. Let’s grow in our faith together.

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Mentorship and Community

Have questions about how to live out Christian life? Want to share your faith, but not sure how? Struggling to make the Bible relevant to your daily life? AYM wants to help answer these questions.

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* We encourage youth to prioritize involvement in their local church.