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Equipping Christian Clubs
find out how aym can help your high school's christian club
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In-Person/Virtual Officer Mentorship Sessions
Get advice and mentorship from dedicated AYM mentors to help plan and lead your Christian Club, based on a frequency you choose.
Evangelism and Apologetics Training
Bible Studies
Semester Planning
General Tips and Advice
In-Person/Virtual Club Visitations
Have AYM Mentors visit your club meeting to present special talks, lead Bible studies, host an outreach event, or more! AYM will work with your officer team to meet the needs of your club.
Special Talks
College Panels
Bible Studies
Planning Meetings Tailored to Your Club's Needs!
In-Person/Virtual Special Events
AYM Mentors offer guidance and resources when planning events outside of club meeting times, ranging from outreach events to college planning workshops. We collaborate with your officers to provide what your club needs.
One-Day Club Retreats
Outreach & Evangelism Events
College Planning Workshops
Club Collaboration with Other Schools
AYM Stream, D2S, WAV, Rise
Want help with your existing club or
want to start a Christian Club?
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