College freshmen?
Join us for Freshmen Welcome Night to connect with other college friends and learn about ways to serve God in college!
Come through and you'll get a free Doordashed dinner on us!
We'll be meeting on Wednesday 8/26 at 5-5:45 PM PDT!
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aym stream
Log onto AYM Stream this Friday at 7:30PM PDT for the special Stream on the question: "Is science compatible with faith?"
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Area Youth Ministry

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Mentorship & Community

Connecting, Equipping, and Inspiring the Next Generation
We believe that being a part of a community and having mentors are the keys to every person's success. If you're a high school student, whether a senior or a freshman, we want to offer AYM Mentorship to you! Navigating life's questions, decisions, and pressures in high school is tough, so don't do it alone.
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AYM Connect: Halloween Hangout
5:15PM PDT
Come join us for AYM Connect this Friday 5:15-5:45 PM PT as we have a fun Halloween Hangout! We'll have a costume contest, so come dressed up! And after one of our mentors will give a special talk and then we'll have an escape room race. And maybe you could win some DoorDash!
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Opportunities to Serve
Meeting based off project group
We're currently meeting in our project groups to serve the communities we live in! The groups include high school and middle school students from across the country who are excited to serve.
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AYM Connect
5:15 - 5:45 PM PT Each Friday
Come join us as we hangout together and have a lot of fun! Each week we talk about different questions and topics that high students are interested in, ranging from personal stories to how to relate with God!
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Helping build communities
Christian Clubs
We want to help your Christian clubs
Get advice and guidance from dedicated AYM mentors to help plan and lead your Christian Club. AYM will work with your officer team to meet the needs of your club and help you reach your campus.
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going virtual

AYM Stream

7:30 - 8:30PM PDT on Fridays
Come join us on Stream as we continue our series "The Prodigal." Last week we covered the restlessness of the younger brother in the parable, this we will discuss the the older brother's feeling of resentment!
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Thrive Showcase

5 - 5:30pm PDT ON Thursday 8/27
Calling all current Thrive mentees and mentors: come and meet the rest of Thrive! Tune in this Thursday to connect with the rest of the family, play games, watch the talent show, and find out what’s next for the Fall. Join us early at 4:45pm to hang out!
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Come join us at FOCUS 2020!
August 7th - 9th, 2020
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mission statement
About us
We’re passionate about helping high schoolers grow in their faith and become agents of God’s love wherever they are.
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Thank you AYM for coming out almost every other week to teach us, give us food, and support our high school Christian Club. We always appreciate your hard work and patience, and we really admire your dedication and how you guys spread the love of God to us. It really means a lot! Please keep watching over our precious club and together, may we spread God's love to those who need it, starting with our own campus! -- EL, AYM Mentee
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Science and Faith
Many of us in the modern day wonder ask the question "Are science and faith compatible?" Through this special stream we tackle this subject with help from a Ph.D. student!
The Prodigal Pt.3: Return
We finish our series "The Prodigal" this episode of stream as we talk through the concept of returning to God as the younger son returns to his father!
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Connecting, equipping, & inspiring
the next generation
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