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Area Youth Ministry (AYM) started in 2018 with a group of UC Berkeley college students and alumni who love God and have a passion for youth ministry. We provide a space for students to reason about truth, connect with like-minded peers, and become agents of God's love in their homes, churches & communities.

Our goal is to impact high schoolers across the nation, so check out our Locations page!

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 *School Non-Affiliation Statement

The use of a school name within the Area Youth Ministry network that references AYM is not intended to imply any affiliation between AYM and the school or school district (public or private). Relationships with AYM mentors are formed according to the school where students attend. The use of any school name on the AYM network is only intended to assist students, parents, and adults to easily locate the communities near where AYM exists.


In the 2018-2019 academic year, AYM Bay Area has visited Christian clubs and met with mentees from all over the bay:

Burlingame HS
Castro Valley HS
Dougherty Valley HS
Dublin HS
Gunn HS
Homestead HS
Lincoln HS
Lynbrook HS
Mission San Jose HS
Mountain View HS
… and more!