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College Readiness Webinar
6:00 PM PST
Tune in to learn all about college admissions and how to use the rest of your high school career (whether it’s 1 year or 4) to get into the college of your dreams! We’ll cover different types of colleges, admissions guidelines, classes and tests to take, plus what extracurriculars you should be thinking about.
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Connecting, Equipping, and Inspiring the Next Gen
We believe that being a part of a community and having mentors are the keys to every person's success. If you're a high school or college student, whether a senior or a freshman, we want to offer AYM Thrive Mentorship to you! Navigating life's questions, decisions, and pressures in high school and college is tough, so don't do it alone.
I would like to thank the AYM mentors Chris, John, Katy and Cynthia for coming every other week to M1820 and preparing such insightful lessons!
- SH, AYM Mentee
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Opportunities to Serve
AYMx Monthly
Meeting based off project group
AYMx Monthly is a community service project that offers college, middle school, and high school students nationwide an opportunity to collaborate with local organizations to make a concrete impact in their communities during this unprecedented time.
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Friday Thrive
5:30 - 6:00 PM PT Each Friday
Come join us as we hangout together and have a lot of fun! Each week we talk about different questions and topics that high students are interested in, ranging from personal stories to how to relate with God!
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Helping build communities
Christian Clubs
We want to help your Christian clubs
Get advice and guidance from dedicated AYM mentors to help plan and lead your Christian Club. AYM will work with your officer team to meet the needs of your club and help you reach your campus.
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mission statement
About us
We’re passionate about helping high schoolers grow in their faith and become agents of God’s love wherever they are.
Thank you AYM for coming out almost every other week to teach us, give us food, and support our high school Christian Club. We always appreciate your hard work and patience, and we really admire your dedication and how you guys spread the love of God to us. It really means a lot! Please keep watching over our precious club and together, may we spread God's love to those who need it, starting with our own campus! -- EL, AYM Mentee
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Christmas Stream
For our monthly Stream episode, we wanted to think about the main holiday of the season: Christmas. We thought of the question "What is the point of Christmas?" as we listened to a talk, heard a song, and played icebreaker game based around Christmas!
In this Special Thanksgiving Stream, we got to look back on some of the AYMx service projects and to talk about the question of "Why do I serve?" Stay tuned to the end for a trailer for our next monthly Stream!
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