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FOCUS Monthly: Find Hope
7:00 PM PDT
Focus Monthly is a youth gathering where youth from all over the nation will gather virtually or in in-person watch parties*to hear messages and personal stories, play fun games, and bond with other youth! Focus 2021 Winter Retreat was such an unforgettable time that we didn't want the fun to end there, so join us each month as we gather to spur one another on!
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it's what we do


Connecting, Equipping, and Inspiring the Next Gen
We believe that being a part of a community & having mentors are the keys to every person's success. If you're a HS student, whether a senior or a freshman, we want to offer AYM Thrive to you! Navigating life's questions, decisions, and pressures in high school is tough, so don't do it alone. Let’s THRIVE together.
I would like to thank the AYM mentors for coming every other week & preparing such insightful lessons!
- SH, AYM Mentee
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Opportunities to Serve
AYMx Monthly
Meeting based off project group
AYMx Monthly is a community service project that offers MS and HS students nationwide an opportunity to collaborate with local organizations to make a concrete impact in their communities during this unprecedented time.
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building christian communities
Christian Clubs
We want to help your Christian clubs
Get advice and guidance from dedicated AYM mentors to help plan and lead your Christian Club. AYM will work with your officer team to meet the needs of your club and help you reach your campus.
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mission statement
About us
We’re passionate about helping high schoolers grow in their faith and become agents of God’s love wherever they are.
Thank you AYM for coming out almost every other week to teach us, give us food, and support our high school Christian Club. We always appreciate your hard work and patience, and we really admire your dedication and how you guys spread the love of God to us. It really means a lot! May we spread God's love to those who need it, starting with our own campus! -- EL, AYM Mentee
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Easter Stream
For our special Easter-edition, we explored the true meaning of Easter and the case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and had a Questions Corner with Dr. Sean McDowell afterwards. We also featured a spoken-word by our AYM mentees, answering the question "What is Easter?" and why it's arguably the most important holiday of the year!
Christmas Stream
For our Christmas Stream, we explored the question,"What is the point of Christmas?" as we listened to a talk, heard a song, and played icebreaker game based around Christmas! Afterwards we had an awesome virtual Christmas party with hilarious group games.
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Greg Stier | Dare2Share, Brett Kunkle | MAVEN, Element Youth, InterHigh, Sean McDowell, and many more!
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