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Our Story and What We Do

AYM Mentorship is a community-based program that pairs high schoolers with college students and recent college grads. Although we are a Christian organization, we welcome any student who’s interested in signing up. Many of us have been deeply impacted by mentors who’ve helped us through life and we are eager to pay it forward as we help our mentees thrive. All mentors have completed an application process that includes a background check.

Mentors and mentees meet on a regular basis (how often depends on the needs of the student—some meet weekly, some meet bi-weekly) at a public space. The nature of these meetings can vary—examples include playing a game of basketball and sharing prayer requests, going over college application essays via Google Hangout, or studying key passages of Scripture together at a café. These meetings are tailored to the interests and needs of each mentee. 

Connect, equip, and inspire the next generation.

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