Ethan Teo
UC Berkeley
Computer Science & Cognitive Science
I love music!
Chibuzor Obiorah
UC Berkeley
Cognitive Science
I microwave my cereal before eating it.
Denice Li
UC Berkeley
Nutritional Sciences
I like to play sports! (Lifting, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc)
Shua Jo
UC Berkeley
Molecular & Cell Biology
I was named after Joshua in the Bible! If you put my last name in front of my first, it's Jo Shua!
Yilena Xu
UC Berkeley
I love food and coffee.
Josie Chen
History of Science
I've sprained both ankles twice, one wrist, and one shoulder... I don't know how I'm still standing either.
Anna Kang
UC Berkeley
I can imitate Shakira's singing voice!
Nick Kang
UC Berkeley
Public Health
I was born on an island, but grew up in the Mojave Desert for most of my life!
Corrie Kim
UC Santa Barbara
English & Art/Technology
I have really bad luck...but at least they make for good stories afterwards :)
James Zhang
UC Berkeley
Computer Science
I worked as a baker in high school!
Devin Hua
UC Berkeley
Data Science
I once ate 40 fried chicken wings in one sitting.
Karen Hurtado
UC Berkeley
Molecular & Cell Biology - Neurology
I once auditioned for Disney Channel.
Alex Song
UC Berkeley
I am a proud Maryland-DC native!
Chris Liu
UC Berkeley
I'm a Padres fan!
Grace Park
UC Berkeley
Political Science
I love to cook yummy Korean food!
Adam Wong
UC Berkeley
Civil and Environmental Engineering
I did karate for 9 years but never made it to black belt.
Melanie Zhang
UC Berkeley
Molecular and Cell Biology
I really like corn.
Andrew Sun
UC Berkeley
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
I’m a 76ers fan.
Kevin Chien
UC Berkeley
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
I have a guitalele, which is in between a guitar and a ukulele... I have too many guitars
Shannon Tsang
UC Berkeley
Molecular Environmental Biology
I love gymnastics!
Stone Chen
UC Berkeley
Physics & Applied Math
I have a giant sweet tooth! And my favorite candy is Caramello.
Jeanine Tso
UC Berkeley
Cognitive Science
I like lettering and taking pretty lecture notes!
Clarissa Yeung
UC Berkeley
Kat Cai
UC Berkeley
Mira Tseng
UC Berkeley
Linguistics & Computer Science
Shirley Kiang
UC Berkeley
Molecular & Cell Biology
James Yellow
UC Berkeley
I like taking photos of my friends outdoors!
Gabbie Bernales
Business Economics
I would eat breakfast food every meal of the day if I could.
Daniel Schulze
Music Performance
I love playing volleyball!
Jeanette Ilongo
Biology & Sociology
I love to sing!
Ben Park
I love reading aloud!
Bobby Amador
Human Development & Family Science
I love to have an adventure in nature!
James Lee
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
I love basketball!
Jasmine Winata
I love taking pictures of candid moments, my friends, nature, etc.! The best part of taking photos is capturing memories!
Jessica Nguyen
I love cooking and trying new recipes!
Jin Kim
Human Biology
Give me a sport, any sport, I'll play it.
Justin Winata
Computer Science
I love guitar, biking, photography, and coffee.
Shein Kim
I love spam!
Carlin Nguyen
Mechanical Engineering
I love working out and especially aquatic sports like swimming and water polo!
Shelby Scott
I've had a variety of pets, including mountain lions and miniature horses.
Susan Nam
Public Relations, Communication and Leadership
Korean and Indian food are my favorite cuisines.
Tina Lee
I love Texas!
Esther Lee
Psychology & Education
love to sing hymns!
Aaron Chang
Computer Science
I love playing piano; guitar is a close second!
Kan Lee
Math & Rhetoric
I love to cook.
Kate Zhou
I keep jumping between learning bass, electric, and acoustic guitar.
Ken Lee
Nutrition & Food Science
I enjoy nature and being outside!
Kylie Vines
I enjoy baking!
Simon Tan
Molecular & Cell Biology
I love playing badminton!
Abby Wong
Civil Engineering
I love crafting – watercolor, crochet, photography, you name it!
Bliss Lee
Environmental Biology & Management
If you go on a hike with me, you will learn lots random facts about trees.
Liny Lee
Clincal Nutrition
I immigrated from Indonesia when I was 14 years old.
Kathleen Ni
Human Biology
I love plants! (but I can't keep them alive)
Michael Chen
I'm lactose intolerant!
Winnie Chen
Integrative Biology
I was the president of the ping pong club!
Catherine Wang
Bioengineering (Biotechnology)
I love to bake, and I want to be able to make really good bread.
Nnanna Njoku
Global Health, General Biology
I like cooking with friends.
Vivian Wei
Computer Science
I love cooking!
Dana Eugenio
Child & Adolescent Development
I love taking care of my plants!
Kevin Eugenio
Mechanical Engineering
I love cooking steak!
David Suzuki
Electrical Engineering
Everyone in my family except mom is a gamer.
Katherine Lee
Mathematics/Secondary Education
I love matcha and am a prankster :p
Kimberly Woo
UC Berkeley
Economics & Psychology
I made Chinese Tamales from scratch!
Jesse Woo
UC Berkeley
I love the Lakers and Dodgers, go 2020 Champs!
Jessica Kim
Political Science
I like to cook using a sous vide
Jon Corea
I like running when I feel like it
Jeremy Hernandez
UC Riverside
I've been to almost every state in the US
Douglas Chan
UC Berkeley
Computer Science
Used to be an archery instructor
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