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Last, we started AYM with nothing - not even a name. But God has been opening doors for us all over the Bay Area. In the first year, AYM connected with many different high schools: Gunn, Palo Alto, Homestead, Lynbrook, Mission San Jose, Dougherty Valley, Dublin, Lowell, Lincoln, Burlingame, Cupertino, Castro Valley, and more. But there are hundreds of high schools that still need to be reached.

As we met student after student who felt like they were doing Christian life alone, we were burdened by the reality that there are many more students that we haven’t met yet. So if you have a heart for youth, and have a vision to connect, equip, and inspire students all over the Bay Area for Christ, apply to be a AYM Mentor!

Some of the things AYM mentor might be doing:

  1. Give apologetics talks and meet HS students at HS Christian clubs

  2. Provide 1:1 mentorship for Christian and non-Christian HS students

  3. Grow in burden for youth through prayer walks

  4. Brainstorm more ways to reach youth

  5. And much more!


Eligibility / Commitment

  • Commit for 1 full semester

  • Commit 1 afternoon on a designated day every week to meet/communicate with mentees

  • Consistent Friday/Sunday attendance for at least 1 semester prior to application

  • Have a testimony to submit (or working on a testimony)

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5


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