Friday Night Thrive
We’re a weekly youth group who meet online to read the Bible, hang out, connect, and tackle life’s biggest questions together. Christian? Or just curious? Join us Friday 5:30PM PST!
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What is Friday Night Thrive?
What's Friday Night Thrive up to?
Summer Bootcamp Week 1: GOSPEL Acrostic
June 18, 2021
Come join FNT as we start off our summer bootcamp this week as we go through the GOSPEL acrostic this week. We'll hear an answer to one of apologetics questions at our McQuestions Cafe, learn the acrostic, and get a chance to practice using it!
Summer Bootcamp Kickoff
June 11, 2021
This summer at Friday Night Thrive, we want to help high school students get trained up to go back to their high schools or out to their new colleges and be able to share their faith there! This summer we'll be learning apologetics and other conversation tools to be able to make a difference. We're kicking it off this week, you don't wanna miss out!
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