Hi there! We’re so glad you’re here and interested in learning more about how AYM mentorship could benefit your child.

What is AYM? What is your mentorship program?

We’re a Christian non-profit organization that provides resources to youth through local events, service opportunities, Christian club visits, and mentorship. Our mentorship program is a resource that provides regular guidance through scheduled meetings with a designated college mentor.

What kind of safety measures do you have in place for your mentorship program?

We take safety very seriously. All AYM mentors have completed a background check, screening, and require multiple references in order to be accepted as a mentor. In addition, all mentors undergo annual safety and compliance training before doing any work that involves minors. All mentorship meetings take place in open, public spaces.

Learn more about AYM by reading more about our mentorship meetings and taking a look at our resources and offerings. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.