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project Kick off Friday, October 16 8:20-8:45 PM
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10-Hour community Service Project | Oct 16 - Nov 13, 2020
What is AYMx?
AYMx is a 4-week community service project that offers high school and middle school students nationwide an opportunity to collaborate with local organizations to make a concrete impact in their communities. Connect with like-minded peers in your region, engage in key social issues, and contribute in a cause that you believe in!

2020 has been an unpredictable year - and we want to commit 10 hours to make it a little better, 1 region at a time.
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High school students across the nation
10 volunteer hours for community service projects
October 16- November 13, meeting frequency by service team
Local or virtual opportunities by region
Service Projects
Food Banks Volunteering
Community Clean-Up
Virtual Fundraisers
And More!
When does AYMx start?
When: October 16th - November 13th

Meeting Frequency: Dependent on the service team

Start Date: Project Orientation on October 16th, 5-6PM (PDT)

Total Community Service Hours: 10 hours
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Why should I join?
  • Actively support community needs
  • Gain community service hours for college applications (up to 10 hours)
  • Learn skills in critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, decision making, collaboration, and communication
  • Build relationships with community members/mentors
  • Increase public awareness of key social issues
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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions
What is AYMx 2020?
Who is the service project for?
Is there a fee?
Who is sponsoring this project?
What if I can't attend the whole project?
How can I sign up for the project?
What if I want to sign up my club / organization?
What happens after I sign up?
Project Kick Off Friday, October 16 8:20-8:45 PM
Let's make a difference
Deadline to sign up: October 14 6 PM PT