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Speak Out
Shiva Annamaneni, Isaac Chang, Paul Friesen, Katherine Guo, Brooke Holmstrom, Elijah Kim, Ishaan Koradia, Andrea Kwon, Eesha Palasamudrum, Hannah You
Mission Statement
“By sharing the stories of oppressed people and communities, we strive to empower young people to change the world through expression and advocacy.”
Problem being solved
The lack of platforms that serves for the injustice in the stories gone unheard and how there must be a way for all voices to be heard and interconnected to raise a voice.
proposed solution
Our official "Speak Out" website will be used as a hub to read people’s individual stories and learn more about the injustices of the complex world we live in. Using the money (if won), we will continue to keep supporting the voices of those unheard by securing our websites' domain and security. This is relevant to the question at hand because it is important that other sources see us as a viable partner, no, a friend to work with to deal with the common insecurities such as racial and mistaken-for injustices.
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