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Desert Strike
Edward Park, Helen Wu, Hyebin Lee, Jeremy Mejia, Joanne Xie, Sidney Cheng
Mission Statement
We are a student-led virtual community determined to encourage fellow students fighting mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, and to empower helpers to care for those they love. We recognize that the fight with mental health is common, even though it is not commonly talked about. Here we break the silence so that we can fight this battle together.
Problem being solved
Mental Health in High School students (DID YOU KNOW about 20 to 30% of adolescents report symptoms of depression)
proposed solution
As a way to address this growing issue that we see in our schools, we have created Seek24Help, a student led website filled with resources to support not only those fighting a mental illness, like depression or anxiety, but also those who want to come beside their fighting friends to support them.
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