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Route University
Ayug Poudel, Helen Gu, Michelle Dang, Sofia Jackson
Mission Statement
The mission of Route University is to provide low-income high school underclassmen, nationwide, with mentors from local schools/universities that will help guide them in the process of preparing for college through online sessions.
Problem being solved
Low socioeconomic status and race is impacting the college process for some students. This is a problem because everyone should have equal opportunities at post-secondary education. Not only are students not able to pay for their college experience, but they do not have the academic or social support coming from a family or school that does not have access to those opportunities. Melissa Fries of CAP a college prep non-profit explains that often even if POC students in this socioeconomic status are able to navigate the admissions process, many of them end up not attending their choice of university in the fall. Imagine your parents are doing the best they can for you, you’re getting for good grades, and you intend to go to college - but how do you get there? The four year highway to college is packed with importance, but without a map or directions, you may not be able to reach your end destination. That’s what many high school students feel like. They are your peers, but more importantly your future dentist, attorney, doctor. Even the person to create the next device in your fingertips. No student should have to let go of a career or dream because we as a society failed to provide them with a navigation system full of support that leads them toward post-secondary success.
proposed solution
Our proposed solution is to create a website containing information to help equip high school students with the tools they need to prepare for college. The website will include but not be limited to information about testing requirements, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and the college application process. The purpose of this website is to provide resources to students to guide them in their journey to college. Along with this website, we will also be creating a mentorship program that will pair low-income freshmen and sophomores in high school with college students from local universities. The goal of this program is to provide these high school students with a consistent mentor who has experience and is able to advise and guide the high school students in their own journey. The mentor will be able to share their own experiences and provide support to the students. The mentor and mentees will go through the content on the website together. In order to achieve these goals, we will be creating a social media campaign in order to spread the word and reach both volunteers and students. We will also be partnering with other organizations in order to reach more people and to help provide students with the resources that they need (such as SAT help).
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