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Resource Pack
Steel Tiger
Lilyan Mendez, Angela Nguyen, Stacey Garingo, Erika Rivera, Sophia Yu, Ethan Chen, Bihn Do, Timothy Do, May Chen, Corrie Kim, Daniel Lee, Maddy Froemming
Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide resources for high schoolers to help them explore deeper in college/career paths, along with providing support for their mental health. We want to create a safe environment where all students can anonymously share what they are dealing with. We envision a world where the necessities of our peers can be achieved through education.
Problem being solved
There is a lack of genuine guidance and support for teenagers at high school. Many face severe amounts of stress and anxiety, but schools do not offer the help students seek. There is also a lack of equal education and information for those who what to broaden their horizons and achieve their dreams.
proposed solution
Our solution is a free website called Resource Pack that provides numerous resources to help high schoolers. It allows teenagers to explore possible careers/colleges to guide them onto the right path. We also provide mental health resources like chatting in support groups while remaining anonymous to respect their privacy alongside counseling to help them. To ensure sustainability, we will spread awareness and reach out to non-profit organizations with qualified professionals who are willing to create change with this issue by offering their support to help with the counseling and "ask the pros"(professionals) aspects of our website.
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