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Fortress Ridge
Sehwa Jung, Mengjja Srijongsirikul, Myko Rosal, Pauline Kim, Pranay Dhoopar, Ana Knight, Chloe Chow, Dhruv Kumar, Jonathan Cheng
Mission Statement
H5 (Helping Hands: Health and Hygiene for the Homeless) works to provide aid to the homeless through the provision of hygiene supplies and the dispersion of information regarding free local health resources.
Problem being solved
Homelessness is a prevalent issue in California, where all of our cohort members are from. In fact, 53% of our nation’s homeless population lives in our state. More than 150,000 people in California were homeless in 2020. As homeless people are mostly impoverished, it is incredibly difficult for them to maintain their health or receive medical attention when they need it.
proposed solution
In order to achieve our vision, our plan is to create clubs at each of our schools under the name H5. These clubs will hold regular “H5 Drives”, which are similar to food drives, but people will be donating hygiene and health supplies like toothbrushes and blankets, rather than food. We will campaign for the H5 Drives through social media, using our own H5 Instagram account, as well as through the personal accounts of H5 members. We will post information about our club and H5 Drives. Also, in order to get people to donate, we will post statistics about homelessness in California to educate people and hopefully move them to care about this issue. At the H5 Drives, we will be asking people to donate items like toothbrushes, bandages, sunscreen, nail clippers, and tarp. These supplies will be bagged together into “health kits”, which we will then distribute to the homeless. These health kits will also contain a pamphlet with information about free or low-cost local health resources that are accessible to the homeless. We will include information about mental health resources (e.g. telephone hotlines), general healthcare resources (e.g. free clinics), and homeless shelters or homeless programs that are in the area. All of the resources included in the pamphlet will be specific to a person’s location so that they are easily accessible. This also means that each individual club will be filling out the pamphlets with information specific to their local community. Our hope is that by helping the homeless maintain their health and hygiene, and by informing them of other local resources, we can help them take the first step towards a better life.
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