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Access Point
Anna Roney, Jeremy Villanueva, Eric Song, Hanah Hwang, Jocelyn Yu, John Gonzales, Justin Yi, Magdalene Myint, Katy Hosokawa, Aarushi Wadhwa
Mission Statement
Our mission is to lessen the education gap that exists between high and low income students by providing free or reduced cost study materials to those in need of them. Our goal is to provide everyone a chance to succeed academically no matter their situation.
Problem being solved
Now more than ever educational resources remain an inaccessible right for millions of students all around the world and many high school and college students lack the resources to succeed academically due to their socioeconomic status.
proposed solution
We have created a single website that consolidates our various services. Donors can upload images and descriptions of materials, and requestors claim books from our inventory to be arranged for pick-up or delivery. We have an Instagram that extends our reach by drawing awareness to the issue of education inequality and invites potential partners to contribute to or benefit from our work.
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